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"Should I be wading?
Should I be wading for you?
Don’t keep me waiting
I will turn blue"
— 8 hours ago
A-ha moment

What is it that you feel you were put on this earth to do?  What is your calling?

I’ve gone back and forth when trying to figure out what exactly it is I’m meant to do.  I’ve loved writing since I could remember.  I was on the newspaper staff in elementary, high school and college.  I just knew that I wanted to be a news reporter once I finished school.  That dream quickly ended when I figured out that I actually hate the news.  Whenever I had a news writing assignment, I hated it.  It was so dull to me.  And let’s be honest, ain’t nothing on the news but the blues.  If what I’m writing about isn’t of interest of me, how can I possibly report or write about it in a way to grab my audience’s attention?

After being entertainment editor my senior year of high school and writing some entertainment pieces in college, I thought that I wanted to write entertainment news.  Entertainment news still grabs my attention but the passion I once had, or thought I had for it, is no longer there.  I’d rather read entertainment blogs or columns rather than write for them.

As of now, I work for an art journal.  I’ve written a number of articles during my time here, although the administrative duties have overshadowed my writing opportunities.  I can be honest and say, writing about art is not my thing.  However, writing human interest pieces about the artists is where I found my strength.  I’ve written a few pieces about artists that had very interesting life stories and I fell in love with their stories and in turn was able to write attention grabbing articles about them.  As a writer that is what you’re supposed to do.  Write to grab people’s attention.  Your words should leave your readers wanting more.  At that moment, I realized that that’s what I’m suppose to do when it comes to my writing.  Write about what people actually care about.

Even with my own blog: marlymeetsworld.com, I like to write about my own experiences.  Because I know somewhere out there, there is someone that ‘s going through a similar situation as I.  My posts may also serve as a form of entertainment to others but I don’t mind.  If a particular post about a bad dating experience causes laughter, I’m cool with that, because in a way of unintentional comedic relief, I might have made someone’s day.

Anyway, this was a post to say that I’ve really just been trying to figure out where I belong in this big old world.  What is it that i”m supposed to do that will allow me to wake up everyday happy to go to work and go to bed later that night with a smile on my face because I felt like I made a difference.  Yes, writing is a big part of my life.  It really is an outlet for me when I cannot find the right words to say verbally.  But as much as I do love writing, I also have other passions.  One being that I want to make a difference in someone’s life, I want to help others.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to go back to school for; with me being out of school for four going on five years, I’ve battled with what it was that would help me feel complete in my career path.  I think I may have finally found that answer and I’m excited to see if this road that I’m deciding to take is the right one.  Deep down in my heart, I do believe it is.  And just because I may be venturing a little away from my first “dream job,” it doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning it completely. 

You can never forget your first love; there’s just ways to expand your passion(s) for the greater good of others.

— 2 days ago
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