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"I am a very private person, yet I am an open book.
If you don’t ask…I won’t tell."
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She gave herself to him in a way she had never given herself to a man before.

She wanted to give him all of her; from her heart to her soul.

Every time she tried to give him her heart, it was returned back a little bit more broken than the time before.

But she just kept giving and giving, to the point where her heart couldn’t shatter anymore.

And when all the tiny pieces could no longer be glued back together, she looked to him to fix it….

….The same exact person who broke her heart into those thousands of tiny pieces.

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Working 9 to 5, just to stay alive…

I made the mistake of befriending a co-worker from my job on facebook, so it makes my work venting a little harder to do.  Smart move, Marly, real smart move…So I decided to share up here…

Anyway.  My job gets on my everlasting NERVES!  Save me the lecture of, “You should be grateful to have a job.”  ”There’s plenty of people that would appreciate doing what you do.”  Blah. Blah. BLAH.  I am grateful for my job.  I know that I am blessed to be the age of 26 with the job title that I have; doing what I do, but I’m human and sometimes as humans we have our breaking points & just want to vent.  Can I just get a moment to bitch and complain without interruption, please?

I feel that this job has SO much potential but it’s just so poorly operated that it’s pretty much at a standstill.  To be honest,  I feel like I work with a bunch of idiots.  Considering I’m the youngest person on staff, they probably feel that I’m inexperienced and that they know way more than I do.  NEGATIVE.  I have to give huge props to my JRN/MASS COMM fam at NSU.  Those days I dreaded going to class actually taught me a thing or two; things that I thought I would be able to use at this job.  In some ways I have, but it’s pretty hard to show my full-out potential when I’m not given much to work with.  

I just hate the feeling of complacency.  I want to feel like my job matters. That I’m making a difference.   But instead, I’m left giving side-eyes, eye-rolls and heavy sighs.  I don’t want that “9 to 5” (8 to 5 in my case), that I dread waking up for.  Actually, I don’t even want a 9-5.  I don’t think I’m cut out for that.  But until I am able to be where I know I’m suppose to be, this is where I’ll have to stay.

Every day hoping that things will get better.  Walking into work with a forced smile & forced good mornings.  When in all actuality, I’d like to grab co-workers by their shoulders and shake some sense into them.  

So what is a girl to do when her dreams are being interrupted by a nightmare?

Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming…..

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"I am only half the woman I know I am,
A quarter of the woman I desire to be.

We are growing still,
We are growing everyday,

Do not stifle your own petals,
Do not deny yourself a blossoming."
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