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Hey Stranger..

Homecoming is quickly approaching.  The one time of year that most alum look forward to all year.  It’s that wonderful time of year to sort of re-live your college years; enjoy plenty of laughs and libations; catch up with old friends; see old crushes/boo’s; see old nemesis, etc. and receive those pesky "hey stranger" or "what you doing after the party/tailgate" texts.  Oh, how enjoyable(insert sarcasm) such texts are.  

Such texts could potentially lead to a homecoming hook-up or a mean eye roll.  Hopefully, it’ll be the latter.  But it all really comes down to how about that life you really are. YOLO, right?

So here’s the scenario:  

You are sprawled across your hotel bed trying to get your ears to stop ringing from the party or to get your head to stop spinning, if you’re lucky, both things are happening at once.  You intended on laughing with your girls, recapping the night’s events until you all fall to sleep.  But in the midst of the hilarious recaps, your phone begins to buzz.

You already know what the deal is once your phone begins to buzz. You have plenty of choices to make when handling this situation.

Option A: You read the text and don’t bother to answer at all. The next morning you strategically text them back claiming you “fell asleep.”

Option B: You open and read the text but don’t respond just yet. If you’re down for the cause, you don’t want to appear too eager, so you wait a few minutes to respond. But don’t wait too long, the perpetrator may move on to the next victim or fall asleep.  You don’t want to be left looking like this guy:

Option C: You answer the text and carry on a little convo. In the back of your mind you’re wondering why you’re even entertaining this person because you have no interest in being a homecoming hook-up; but you just can’t bare to seem rude. You were raised with manners.

Speaking from my own experiences, I always tend to go with Option A or C. I understand being “young and free,” and sometimes that pesky texter was once someone who you had the hugest crush on back in undergrad. Or that annoying person who never had a chance with you, but they’re feeling brave.

But when you really think about it, the excitement of homecoming or having one too many drinks should not be the reason you do something you may later regret. Or worse, something that makes you the talk of the homecoming streets. Just remember, Homecoming Weekend really is a time to leave reality; our day to day lives. People have lives outside of HC Weekend. Lives that they’re not going to tell you about because they’re trying to live it up that weekend; testing the waters to see if they “still got it.”

But just because I’m opposed to homecoming hook-ups does not mean I’m judging. If you like it, I love it. But I love it for you not me lol. However your weekend goes, just be safe and LIVE IT UP!


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To whom much is given.

I know God is tired of my, “Don’t let me cuss anyone out” prayers. I don’t think that’s what prayer is for Lol

"I told God I’d be back in a second. Man, it’s so hard not to act reckless. To whom much is given, much is tested."

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if you don’t know this reference, you’re too young for my blog tbh

People don’t know this??


if you don’t know this reference, you’re too young for my blog tbh

People don’t know this??

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